Milk Blossom Cardigan + Detachable Sleeves


Unfurl the tender petals of romance with our Milk Blossom Cardigan, a delicate fusion of sailor charm and whimsical wonder. This laced cardigan, crafted from the finest lace and pink silk satin, wraps around you like a tender breeze, with a sailor collar inspired by the Philippine traditional women's dress known as the "Maria Clara" at the back of the collar. But it's the detachable sleeves that truly set this cardigan ablaze - style them as arm warmers for a playful touch, or remove them entirely for a breezy summer evening.

Imagine yourself strolling hand in hand under the cherry blossom trees, the soft pink hue of this cardigan glowing like a whispered secret. For coquette girls who crave romance in every moment, the Milk Blossom Cardigan + Detachable Sleeves is your ticket to a whimsical adventure.

The finest laced cardigan with satin silk lining, with laced-up detachable sleeves.

Pre-order, ships in 2-6 weeks

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