A Filipina x Tokyo brand by Naomi Nikola


Soft girl with sharp edges. For the weirdos with rebellious hearts and a dreamy sense of mind. A brand programmed to severely melt your heart.
Sensitive individuals who are childish and romantic at heart. People who find comfort in the cute, but are not afraid to show their edge. No matter your illness, gender, race & stance- these people are ready to challenge the norm with strange cuteness while wearing these clothes like stylish armor.

OMI OMI について

Omi Omi is a fashion & lifestyle brand that sprouted at the heart of Tokyo, Japan in 2019.  The brand personifies softness, but with a juxtaposition of sharp edges.

The brand is based between Tokyo and Manila, owned and run by Naomi Nikola - a Filipina fashion artist who studied creative fashion design at ESMOD Japan. Her body of work mainly focuses on her identity and experience as a Filipino woman living in a third-world country within the intersections of culture, self-discovery, sex and gender.

All Omi Omi fabrics are locally sourced and made with love, designed by yours truly.

OMI OMI は、2019年に東京でスタートしたファッション&ライフスタイルブランドです。このブランドは、日本の東京とフィリピンのマニラの両方に拠点を置いています。 このブランドは、ESMOD Japanで学んだフィリピン人ファッションアーティストの Naomi Nikola が所有および運営しています。 すべての OMI OMI の作品は、地元で調達され、彼女によって設計されています。

Special thanks to:

Calligraphy Logo: Patricia Paner - my best friend & a brilliant girl boss

Models: Pauline Batoctoy, Geo Go, Gabrielle Tanada and my other amazing friends who were willing to wear my designs ♡ 

Photographers: Dar San Agustin for the product photos, Jionor Verona for my birthday introduction photos, and Jad Anacay - my best friend who supported me all the way and took most of these wonderful photos

Homepage Song: Abe ~ my kuromi, thank you for for being you!

Support: Josh - who inspires and motivates me always, and my family who has forever been supportive with my work from day one.